The Truth About CBD and 7-Eleven

Is 7-Eleven CBD Oil Real?

At the end of May, rumors began swirling around 7-Eleven CBD offered across the country. One CBD provider went on the record claiming the company would offer their products over the counter at the convenience store locations. But that rumor may not be true after all.

Is there real potential of a 7-Eleven CBD? Is it even a good idea to buy 7-Eleven CBD? Lets look at all the facts before making a definitive call on getting your CBD at the gas station.

What’s going on with 7-Eleven CBD?

Although it wasn’t branded as “7-Eleven CBD,” one CBD producer announced an agreement to sell products on site. The press release promised to sell CBD products “in over 4,500 7-Elevens by the end of the year.” By 2021, the company hoped to reach 7,000 stores with their line of cannabidiol.

The deal sounded like good news – except for the fact that 7-Eleven never signed off on it. In a statement to Huffington Post, a spokesperson said they “made no agreement or partnership with this company and do not know why they said that.”

The company actually made a deal with Markethub Retail Services, a distributor working with retailers across the United States, including 7-Eleven. Blake Patterson, president for Markethub, said in the press release they were introducing “CBD products to hundreds of 7-Elevens across the country.” But that’s not the same as a true distribution agreement.

This isn’t the first time Patterson was bullish on putting CBD on retail shelves. A 2017 editorial penned by the executive claimed: “There is a blueprint for success of this magnitude, and the CBD category now hits them all.”

Why you shouldn’t buy 7-Eleven CBD

Although the idea of getting CBD oil at a local store could be exciting, it may not be the best plan for your personal health. Some experiences with fake CBD products could end with some rather unpleasant experiences.

For example: over 50 people in Utah fell ill after they took a product labeled as CBD oil. Instead of cannabinoids, the tinctures carried a synthetic chemical designed to replicate THC. Without any warning on the bottle and only the “CBD” label on the front, it’s difficult to sort real and fake products.

Fraudulent labeling can disguise a fake CBD product among true ones. Making matters worse, uneducated sellers may not know the difference between the two. Unless you can get all the answers about your CBD product of choice, it’s not worth the risk to your health to get something quickly or conveniently.

There are other concerns as well, especially when you don’t know where that CBD product is coming from. Different CBD products at varying strengths can affect people differently. Without education on different CBD serving sizes, sellers can quickly misguide people on using the right products.

Quality control in logistics may also vary between companies. Although a company may hold high quality control standards, those same controls may not apply to the retailer. Without proper storage and shelf life compliance, CBD oil from a convenience store may not be efficient.

Without knowledge about the potential benefits of cannabidiol or the ability to answer customer questions, many could be misguided about how much CBD they should use, or which one adheres to the highest quality control standards. For these reasons, it may be a bad idea to get CBD oil from a convenience store.

Where can I get the best CBD products?

As we have discussed in the past, the best CBD products often come direct from the extractors. But not all companies are the same. Before you buy any CBD tincture, capsule or vape oil, be sure you know the answers to these questions:

  • Where do the plants come from? When looking for the best CBD oil, start with companies that get their plants from American farms grown under close supervision.
  • How was the CBD extracted? The best CBD products use carbon dioxide extraction, which separate cannabidiol and essential oils cleanly from the plant, giving you the best products available.
  • What do the lab reports say about the CBD extract? Every reputable company will publish verified lab reports about their products online. These reports will come from an independent, third-party lab, with easy-to-read information about CBD and terpene content. Don’t buy any CBD extract unless you know the actual contents as verified by a lab reports.
  • What are the company’s quality control standards?  If your company does not adhere to the toughest quality control after extraction, then your CBD oil could lose potency. Be sure to get the full explanation of how CBD oils are stored before they get to your home.
  • How does the CBD oil get to you? Finally, shipping speed matters. Because a company can’t control quality during the shipping process, using the most efficient shipping methods are important. If your company can’t get CBD oil to you fast, then it may be time to consider another source for your CBD oil.

While it may still be a while before we get true CBD oil in stores, it doesn’t mean that options aren’t available for you to get your relief. Even though 7-Eleven CBD may not be happening, it’s not the right product for you. Instead, always go with products that have your health in mind – your body will thank you later.

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