The Truth Behind CBD Oil for Panic Attacks

The truth behind CBD oil for panic attacks

One of the problems with the CBD industry is the outlandish claims many brands make. Take CBD oil for panic attacks as an example. Many brands will tell you their CBD tinctures or vape oils can reduce panic disorders or cure them.

Unfortunately, these claims aren’ true. While CBD isn’t recognized as a “cure,” science suggests it can ease anxiety. Moreover, there is no universal serving size of CBD oil for panic attacks. Everyone needs a different serving of CBD oil, which varies based on weight and symptoms.

Can CBD oil help reduce episodes of panic? Should you use CBD oil for panic attacks? As with everything, there are pros and cons to using CBD oil. Before starting any CBD product, you will want to read and share this guide.

Does CBD oil for panic attacks work?

Peer-reviewed studies exist linking CBD oil to relief in panic disorders. In limited human trials, using CBD oil for panic attacks shows potential to help.

In 2010, the Journal of Psychopharmacology published groundbreaking research on CBD oil for panic attacks. During the double-blind research, a group of 10 patients took either 400mg of CBD or a placebo. The research was positive: those taking the CBD experienced reduced social anxiety (SAD) compared to the placebo group. The research team concluded: “These results suggest that CBD reduces anxiety in SAD and that this is related to its effects on activity in limbic and paralimbic brain areas.”

A 2017 peer-reviewed study published to Current Neuropharmacology agreed with the 2010 research. In reviewing other studies, the researchers found: “CBD seems to be a promising drug for the treatment of [panic disorders].” They called for more research to draw a direct line between cannabidiol and panic attacks.

From what data is available, there is evidence that CBD oil for panic attacks may work. But with limited data available, your experience may vary.

What are the downsides of using CBD oil for panic attacks?

Those using hybrid full-spectrum CBD oil often experience few side effects. CBD isolate or hybrid-full spectrum CBD contain cannabidiol without any psychoactive ingredients. But that doesn’t mean all CBD oils are the same.

Some CBD oil extracts sold at licensed dispensaries may contain more than cannabinoids. They can also include THC, the psychoactive ingredient extracted from some plants. For those with panic disorders, using CBD oil laced with THC can make anxiety even worse. Before using any CBD oil for panic attacks, be sure it contains CBD only.

Another downside of using over-the-counter CBD oil is the risk of fake cannabinoids. Some product labels say they are “synthetic CBD,” suggesting the active ingredient is like cannabidiol. But instead of extracting from a plant, “synthetic CBD” comes from a lab.

Let’s make this clear: there is no such thing as synthetic CBD oil. Rather, products advertised with synthetic CBD usually contains synthetic THC instead. Unlike cannabidiol, there are no health benefits for synthetic THC. Side effects of synthetic THC may include nausea, vomiting, confusion and even increased anxiety or paranoia. Those who have a history of panic attacks or anxiety disorders are often advised to stay away from all THC products – synthetic or otherwise. That includes products which contain “synthetic CBD.”

If you can’t verify the purity of a CBD oil, don’t take it. Using a CBD product either mislabeled or containing more than CBD can negate any potential health benefits.

What do people who use CBD oil for panic attacks say?

After understanding the pros and cons of CBD oil, many people try it as a natural solution. Anecdotal evidence among CBD oil users suggests a tincture can reduce general anxiety.

One lifestyle blogger shared her experiences of suffering panic attacks while flying. In 2017, the writer tried CBD oil for panic attacks associated with a fear of flying. Instead of having a severe anxiety episode at takeoff, the blogger said she was calm and collected after using CBD oil before departure. After her experience, she wrote: “I’m so incredibly grateful for this supplement…This is THE next big thing in health.”

Another writer for Popsugar found vaping CBD oil helped her curb anxiety and panic attacks. Although she legally tried medicinal marijuana, the writer was still anxious from the THC content. Afterwards, she tried vaping CBD oil, with more success. Now, she only vapes CBD oil to curb panic attacks.

Between anecdotal evidence and small-scale research done on CBD oil, a connection exists. With these stories in mind, we can conclude using CBD oil for panic attacks may help.

Can I use any CBD oil for panic attacks?

As we outlined above, not all CBD oils are the same. Depending on the producer, CBD oils vary in sourcing and extraction methods.

Before trying any CBD oil for panic attacks, be sure to do your homework. Start by looking up where CBD oil companies get their plants from. Many CBD companies get plants from other countries, where fewer regulations means more pollutants in the plants. Without close supervision, you could be ingesting heavy metals and other pollutants alongside CBD. Only get CBD oil from companies who use plants grown in the United States.

Next, only get CBD oils from companies that extract cannabidiol using clean methods. To cut costs, companies may extract oils using petroleum-based solvents or natural oils. As a result, these byproducts can leak into your CBD tincture or vape – and you don’t want to ingest them. Look for CBD oil extracted using the CO2 method, with a lab report to verify purity. If you can’t find these items, then it may not be a CBD oil that works best for you.

What do I need to know about CBD oil before starting?

Before using CBD oil for panic attacks, talk to your doctor about potential side effects and any current medication you are on. The potential for drug interactions is real, which makes physician consultation a priority before trying CBD oil.

After a discussion, start by taking a low dose of CBD oil and slowly work your way up to a serving size that works best for you. To determine a baseline dose, balance your weight with the severity of your symptoms. Heavier individuals with more severe conditions should consider a higher starting dose, while lighter people with lighter symptoms should start with a smaller serving.

With the individual and scientific evidence available, CBD oil may be able to help reduce anxiety. By knowing what type of CBD oil for panic attacks to use and how much per serving, relief may be only a tincture away.

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