Is CBD Vape Oil Coming to JUUL?

Will CBD vape oil come to JUUL?

Since the introduction of CBD vape oil, avid vapers have anticipated the launch of CBD JUUL pods. It’s easy to see why: these self-contained vape pens are easy to use, need little maintenance and easily refill by putting in a new pod. But will CBD vape oil ever make the transition over to the popular platform?

Internet forum discussions often speculate about when an official JUUL pod with CBD vape oil will be released. Despite all the hype, it may not become a reality anytime soon.

The current state of CBD vape oil for JUUL

If you’ve read anything about CBD and JUUL, then you have probably seen at least one company selling a CBD pod. The two most common types found online are refillable cartridges, or unofficial full cartridges.

There are several problems associated with these products. First, JUUL only promotes use of their official pods with their vape pen. Using an oil in a JUUL-style cartridge can put you at risk. You could experience problems like pod leakage or harmful gas exposure, leading to your pen breaking or health problems.

Second, pods filled with low-quality or a mixed CBD vape oil could be hazardous to your health. Unless the company selling the CBD vape oil pod lists their ingredients and lab results, you don’t know what else you are vaping. Although it may not be a problem today, continued exposure to unwanted chemicals could result in respiratory issues.

But what about using a refillable JUUL pod? Because the pods work with a very specific type of liquid, finding a “do-it-yourself” guide to refilling them may not work. The fluid may either be too thick for the JUUL vape pen, or the heating element may go out between refills. Your refilling mission could end in either wasted oil, or a broken pod and JUUL pen.

Is CBD vape oil safe to use in JUUL pens?

Some CBD vape oil products are safe to vape. These companies publish their lab results and list all their ingredients. But there are a lot of companies that claim to offer CBD vape oil without the same quality controls. Some may even offer JUUL CBD vape oil pods for sale.

Because there are no official pods on the market today and it doesn’t appear there will be another one in the future, we don’t recommend you use a CBD vape oil JUUL pod or refill old empty pods. If you want to get all the benefits of CBD when vaping, you should be using a refillable vape pen with full-spectrum extract CBD vape oil.

What type of CBD vape oil should I use?

If you do begin vaping CBD oil, it’s important to take a close look before buying. Good oils will show all their ingredients (including cannabinoid content) on the label, will use a full-spectrum extraction method and will feature their lab reports.

Before ordering any vape oil, look at all the ingredients on the label. A high-grade CBD oil will only consist of three primary ingredients: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and cannabidiol. If it’s a flavored vape oil, it should only have natural flavoring. Other vape oils, that contain binders like MCT oil, can create irritations and lead to future health complications.

Once you know the ingredients, the next thing to do is consider the extraction method. Full-spectrum CBD vape oil will consist of cannabidiol but may have other essential oils as well. That’s why the lab report is so important: a current lab analysis from an accredited facility can help you determine how pure your CBD vape oil is. Without this information, you may not be getting all the health benefits you think you are receiving.

Although CBD vape oil for JUUL pens may not be available anytime soon, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the health benefits of cannabidiol. If CBD tinctures or capsules don’t work, using a refillable vape pen and only high-quality CBD vape oil can make sure you only get the best results and keep vaping happy.

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