How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

How much CBD Oil should I take?

The most common question new CBD oil users ask is: “how much CBD oil should I take?” With CBD oil tinctures ranging from 300 mg to 5000 mg and beyond, capsules ranging from 450 mg to 3000 mg, and CBD vape oils running a similar range, figuring out how much you need can get confusing quickly. You know about the beneficial properties of CBD oil. Now you need to know how much CBD oil you should take. Check out our printable guide below to determine how much CBD oil makes the perfect dose.

Am I getting the amount of CBD oil on the front of the bottle?

The biggest misconception among new CBD oil users is that they are getting the dose that is listed on the front of the bottle. That number is related to your dose, but isn’t how much cannabidiol you are getting with every tincture, capsule or vape. The number on the front of the bottle is the total amount of cannabidiols in your bottle. The higher the number on the front of the bottle, the more cannabidiols you are getting with each dose.

For example: in a 30-count bottle of 1000 mg CBD oil capsules, you are getting 33.3 mg of cannabinoids with every serving. When we do the math in reverse: 30 capsules at 33.3 mg of cannabinoids each equals the total CBD content: 1000 mg. How much you should take will depend on several factors.

So how much CBD oil should I take?

Your personal serving size will depend on your situation. After talking to your doctor about starting a regimen as part of your wellness plan, start by considering the severity of your symptoms and your weight. After talking to doctors and CBD experts, we put together this printable guide to help you determine how much to take: CBD Oil Dosage GuideBased on the guide above: if you weigh less than 200 pounds and are looking for an extra supplement to aid your season allergies, you should start taking 20 mg of cannabidiols. You can take two tincture droppers of a 30 mL 300 mg CBD oil to get that dose, or use two droppers of 30 mL 300 mg CBD vape oil in your vape pen.

But if you weigh over 200 pounds and are experiencing severe symptoms, then you may need a bigger dose. Start by taking 40 mg of cannabidiols to start reducing your symptoms. You can get this amount from a 4/5 full tincture of 30 mL 1500 mg CBD oil, or a similar dose of CBD vape oil.

Once you have started a dose, you can always adjust based on your experiences. Some who start on a low dose may find they need more, while those on higher dosages may find they feel better on lower dosages.

What affects how much CBD oil I should take?

While considering your weight and symptom severity are two good places to start your journey, they aren’t the only thing that can affect your experience. Simple things like your history and where you buy your CBD oils can also make a big difference.

If you used CBD oil in the past, it may affect how your body reacts to them in the future. Before deciding on a CBD dosage, think about how much you were taking. If that serving size didn’t work, consider moving up to a higher dosage.

Who makes your oil also makes a difference. Some companies dilute with other natural products, such as olive oil. Others may use inefficient extraction methods, including extraction with solvents. Before you buy any CBD oil, be sure to carefully review the lab reports and extraction information to make sure you get the best products for your dollar.

Starting anything new can be a complicated process, but could be beneficial to your health. But by doing a little research, you can answer the question “How much CBD oil should I take?” with ease.

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