How Much Cannabidiol is in my CBD Oil?

How Much Cannabidiol is in my CBD Oil?

You have recently decided to start taking CBD oil as a wellness supplement – a good decision! But you may find yourself asking a new question: how much cannabidiol is in my CBD oil?

It’s important to understand the cannabidiol content of your oil because it will help determine which dose you need. Our printable guide below can help you figure out which CBD oil is right for you.

So how much cannabidiol is in my CBD oil?

There are two measurements of cannabidiol in your CBD oil. Even though these two numbers are connected, they are not the same. This can create a lot of confusion for those who are just starting a CBD oil regimen.

The bigger number found on the front of your bottle is the total amount of cannabidiol in the CBD oil. This number can range from 300 mg all the way up to 5000 mg and more.

On the side of your CBD oil bottle, the maker should print the total amount of cannabidiol per serving size. This is the actual cannabinoids you are receiving in your tincture, capsule or vape oil. The higher the number on the front of the bottle, the more cannabinoids you are getting with every dose.

How do I measure the cannabidiol in my CBD oil?

It’s easy to determine how much cannabidiol is in your CBD oil. To figure it out, simply divide the total concentration of cannabidiol in your CBD oil by the size of your bottle. We put together this downloadable chart to help you figure out how much cannabidiol you take in every serving:

Based on this graphic, it’s easy to see how much cannabidiol you are getting in every dose of CBD oil. If you read our earlier CBD oil dosing guide, you know how much CBD oil you need to benefit from the cannabidiols. The chart will make it easier to help you shop for the right amount of CBD oil for your needs.

Why is CBD oil measured in milligrams and milliliters?

It seems odd that CBD oil is measured in two different units: milligrams and milliliters. This measurement helps you understand how much cannabidiol is in every dose.

Cannabinoids are measured by concentration in CBD oil. This can be expressed in two different ways: either as a percentage (20 percent weight by volume), or by total cannabinoids by weight (1000 mg cannabinoids). The higher the number, the more active cannabinoids are present in the oil.

The milliliters represent the total volume of CBD oil. Oils often come in two different sizes: 30 mL and 60 mL. When you combine the milligrams of cannabidiols with the total volume, you get the exact concentration in your CBD oil.

Why does the actual cannabidiol in my CBD oil matter?

As we mentioned in our CBD oil dosing guide, the amount of cannabidiols you need to gain health benefits are based on your weight and the severity of your symptoms. The higher your weight and more severe your symptoms, the more cannabinoids you will need.

That’s why the actual cannabidiol you are taking in your CBD oil matters, and why you should measure the cannabidiol in your CBD oil. Taking too little CBD oil could result in no effects whatsoever, while taking too much CBD oil could cost you a lot of money every month. To get the best results, make sure you start with your recommended dose, and adjust up or down as needed from there.

While the new CBD oil user may find it difficult to determine how much cannabidiol is in your CBD oil, understanding how to measure is part of the challenge. By using our guide, you can make sure you’re getting the right dose of cannabidiols every time you take your CBD oil.

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  1. Hi, I am one of the people who used the CBD as a medicine for my illness I’ve been suffering MS for about 5 months now and I know it’s not that kind of illness that everybody wants to have and unfortunately I’m one of those who has this. One of my friends told me to try CBD and it’s been effective. Thanks for publishing this guide!

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