Hemp Hero: CBD Honey is Here To Save The Day

Hemp Hero: CBD Honey is Here To Save The Day

What better way to sweeten the pot; and by pot we mean CBD.

While CBD won’t get you high on potenuse, it will still give you that sweet leaf relief you are looking for. And now that relief comes in an even sweeter form.

The latest buzz in consumable CBD you ask? Honey, honey. CBD seems to be the latest ingredient that everyone is adding to their food and drink. From coffee to baked goods, CBD is finding its way into our bellies. And for that, we are thankful.

Recent CBD studies have proven how effective the no-high hemp derivative is at alleviating a wide array of symptoms. From anxiety and stress to sleeplessness and depression, CBD has to power to transform your personal wellness on a large scale. And if you’re looking for a new addition to your nightly tea, CBD honey could be the perfect ingredient. Known for its’ relaxing properties, CBD is the ideal companion to your beverage of choice — especially when it comes in such a sweet form.

Honey already has a bundle of important enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. By adding CBD to the mix, the benefits are simply multiplied. While CBD comes in a range of forms, honey makes it possible to use it as an additional ingredient in all types of dishes. From glazed wings, to desserts, to simply adding a bit to your morning coffee or tea, CBD honey makes it possible to receive healthy hemp benefits while getting that sweet tooth fix. Whether you’re looking to destress or need a little help nodding off to sleep, hemp and honey make the ideal combination.

Take a page out of Pooh Bears book, and keep your hand in the honey pot. Especially if it has CBD.

And don’t forget those wise words from everyone’s favorite cereal-box mascot: Bee happy. Bee healthy.

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