Panic Disorder

And CBD Oil

For a few moments or longer, a quick overbearing wave of fear and anxiety takes control without any cause or warning; your heart rate races, sweat spills from your pores, and breathing and cognitive processes become difficult. These typical symptoms characterize a panic attack which millions of Americans experience every year – a recurrence of sudden attacks could suggest a panic disorder. Daily activities become increasingly difficult as the quality of life dramatically decreases due to panic disorders; symptoms may lead to other phobias and mental health complications.


Mitigating Fear and Anxiety with CBD

What The Research says

Research demonstrates contextual fear conditioning through CBD with trials of conditioned and impassive, unconditioned triggers. After consistent applications, CBD decreased natural cardiovascular reactions to frightening activity and lowered instinctive doubt within the prelimbic cortex. Results also show CBD diminishing learned fear responses by altering memory that regulates hesitation and fearful reactions. Additionally, trial data implies that abrasive memories can become disjointed through CBD use.