And CBD Oil

Acne develops when dead skin cells and body oil builds up in epidermal pores and hair follicles; it’s a fairly common skin condition affecting millions of Americans each year – mainly among young adults and teenagers. Symptoms usually include blackheads, facial blemishes, pimples and painful, large red bumps. Conventional methods for treating acne consist of prescription and over-the-counter skin creams and cleansers, and sometimes even pharmaceutical antibiotics.


Endocannabinoid Function with Skin Care

What The Research says

Research highlights the capability of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to regulate a well-balanced and proper management of skin cells. Results from these studies describe how the ECS performs cutaneous operations such as cellular degradation, hormone growth and mediation of different cell types located in appendages and skin. Further evidence lists how the ECS affects allergic dermatitis, neoplastic cell development, typical pain and irritation and other skin complications.