Beauty & Botanicals: CBD Creates Buzz in Cosmetics

While the buzz is certainly a’brewing around CBD beauty products, it’s certainly not coming from the product itself.

That’s due in part because products manufactured with CBD properties contain trace amounts of THC – 0.3% to be precise – the psychoactive compound found within cannabis. While they are both compounds found within the cannabis sativa family, CBD comes directly from the hemp plant.

CBD-based beauty products include topicals, lotions, creams, and even edibles like gummies and caramels, all with healing powers that can help aid in pain relief, anxiety, depression, and appetite stimulation, while sporting anti-inflammation and anti-acne properties.

Seem a bit too good to be true? Just ask Olivia Wilde who is an avid supporter of hemp products, swearing by CBDs “relaxing benefits” with the idea to “avoid using too many painkillers.” Even fashion stylist Karla Welch, who’s worked with celebrities like Katy Perry and Sarah Paulson among others, swears by CBD lotion as it’s “perfect for long nights in heels.” Even the timeless Mandy Moore has decidedly declared that CBD oil and high heels make a great pair..

As CBD products begin to gain footing, its universal usage has gradually gained recognition throughout the beauty industry. Not only does it have anti-inflammatory properties while easing pain and swelling, it can also be highly beneficial as an acne solution. A 2014 study proved that CBD oil had a handful of healthy benefits and is a very potent oil reducing agent. It determined that CBD oil could not only exert complex anti-inflammatory properties on human skin but could also help with the treatment of acne.

While more information about the benefits of CBD continues to come to light, more industries continue to explore its healthy properties. More and more reputable advocates are praising the healthy qualities of hemp-based products in both wellness and skincare. As the knowledge around CBD continues to expand industries and people alike are quickly realizing how vital CBD can be to both inner and outer beauty.

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